LZ New Zealand uses Hybrid Energy Technology

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LZ New Zealand is very proud to be a leading New Zealand manufacturer and supplier of LED (light emitting diode) lighting solutions for the residential, commercial and industrial markets. LZ New Zealand was founded early in 2007 after seeing a need for greater energy efficiency in the NZ lighting marketplace. We have a product range which offers everything from complete LED down lights to LED retrofit options which replace your existing inefficient lamps. We believe in providing a quality product that we can guarantee. LEDs are a environmentally friendly product, lasting between 15,000hrs – 50,000hrs or greater pending the type of LED used, the luminaire can be recycled as is made from 85% recyclable materials.

Approximately 20% of the worlds energy consumption is in artificial lighting, 70% of those lights can be replaced with more energy efficient LED alternatives. Several studies into the lifecycles of LED, show that 98% of the energy consumed in running a LED goes to the task its designed for, LIGHT. Only approximately 5% of the energy consumed in a standard incandescent lamp goes to creating light, the other 95% produces heat!

High Lumen Output LZ LED Lighting products deliver up to 165 lumens per watt, which is greater than twice the efficienccy as many compact fluorescent downlights. LZ LED Lighting products are perfect for use with occupancy sensors because the service life is unaffected by frequent on-off switching. LEDs do not waste energy as a filament does which has to be first heated until white hot to emit light.

Ultra-Low Maintenance LZ LED Lighting products promise a prolonged lifespan rated for 50,000 hours, which equates to decades when operated during normal business hours. LEDs are low maintenance devices and require no servicing during their life as with fluorescent or filament lamps so there is no need for a lamp holder / fitting or the need to make the enclosure accessible for changing the lamp. This simplifies product design as the unit can simply be sealed in a clear resin. This also makes the unit tamperproof and more vandal resistant..

Cool Running Temperatures LZ LED Lighting products radiate very little heat, providing a high level of comfort and low cooling load. High Colour Rendering Performance with a colour rendering index (CRI) of up to 95, LZ LED Lighting products are better than or equal to many popular fluorescent lamps.

Environmentally Friendly LZ LED Lighting products are mercury-free and require no special disposal procedures. LZ LED Lighting products produce no ultraviolet or other harmful emissions.

Wide Range of LED colours The basic LED colours are Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and White. Within each of these colours, we can offer a range of brightness.

Do you need to light up that special project?Make a call to LZ New Zealand now on 0800 FOR LED or Contact us via email. We can design, supply and install (if necessary) an RGB lighting system, complete with a fully functional DMX lighting control panel that will make your project stand out. Change the colours to coincide with special events.